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Be A Founder of the APMAF

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The American Professional Mariners Association Foundation (APMAF) is a 501 (c)(3), non-profit foundation. The Foundation seeks to provide education and training help, scholarships, internships, and task force research on professional issues.

Your contribution to the APMAF will have significant impact on the lives of the men and women in the Maritime Community. In this first year of operation, all donors will be recognized as Founders to the APMAF. The following Founders have provided important financial support, thank you for your generous contributions!


Captain Eugene Albert
Mr. Robert H. Atkinson, III
Mr. Charles E. Baker
Mr. Robert Baker
Ms. Veronica Cassidy Barry
Captain Bryan J. Belsito
Captain Joseph E. Benton, III
Captain William M. Brauer
​Captain Mike C. Browne
Ms. Fionna Boyle
Mr. Mark H. Buzby RADM, USN (Ret.)
Ms. Rosemary B. Carroll
Mr. Joe Chesworth
​Mr. Bryan Conley
​Captain James Daniel
Mr. Leonard Davis
Mr. Frank P. DeGiulio
​Mr. Arthur (Bud) W. Divens
​Ms. Joan Divens
​Ms. Molly Divens
​Mr. Kyle Evans
Mr. Dane Faber
Mr. Don Foraker
Captain Heath Gehrke
Captain Jack Hearn
Mr. Michael Hearn
Mr. Steven T. Hinkle
​Mr. Ryan Hunsicker

Cadet Eric H. Isaksen
​Mr. Bruce Keller
Mr. Sylwester M. Kowalski
Mr. Sean Kummer
Mr. Christopher Levesque
Mr. Casey K. Lynch
Mr. Gene McMillen
​Mr. Jeff Mathias
Mr. Stephen McGuiness
Mr. William Milanese
Mr. Alexander W. Miller
​Mr. Scott W. O'Connor
Mr. Mitchell A. Osborne
Mr. Rick Perri
Captain Dan Ramsey
Captain Richard Ramsey
Captain Jamie J. Rock
Captain Walter H. Russell, Jr.
Mr. Dustin B. Schell
Mr. Chris Smith
Mr. William C. Smith
Mr. James Spear
Captain Robert L. Stearns
Captain Carl M. Stroud
Mr. David A. Taliaferro
​Mr. Michael K. Wallace
​Mr. George E. Yates
Mr. Robert J. Youngren

Donations to the APMAF are fully tax deductible. With your donation to the APMAF in this first year, you will join our generous group of Founders and be listed alongside them on this page. Please donate here or send your donation to:

1997 Annapolis Exchange Pkwy #300
Annapolis, MD 21401

APMAF is grateful for your donation and we thank you for your support of the American Maritime Community. For more information, please contact

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