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We are one of you.  We are USCG credentialed American Mariners.  Our bylaws require that the majority of Directors have “hands-on” experience with a minimum of 20 years sea time – each.   Our governing board members have hawsepipe and academy starts.  They are senior USCG licensed professionals balanced with cross-industry business and academic executives. 

We work together to help you achieve your independent goals in the American maritime community. 

We have been there with you on the oceans, lakes, and rivers.  We have been there with you in the terminals, repair yards, and on the dock.  American Mariners encompass commercial, environmental, and defense service to our nation.  We deliver cargo across national and international waters in peace and in war.  We are oil and gas industry mariners, fishermen from Maine to Alaska, and mariners who carrying passengers safely across the water.    

American Mariners work in the harshest climates and unforgiving elements. We abide by the most complex and regulated industry in the world.  We sacrifice years at sea, away from loved ones - often when they need us.  We live isolated from society without news, comforts, decent rest or enjoyable food.  Years of fatigue and stress may take a toll on our health.   We stay reliable.  What is required of us . . .  never seems to end.

We use technology to provide cost effective solutions for your career needs and save you money.

We started this association to help you make the best choice for your personal welfare and retirement.  We built an education network to help you keep your USCG credentials updated.  We organized the maritime directory to help you - while underway or ashore - manage voyage reliability.  We center a social network to help you balance your life, career, and opportunity.  You deserve buying power based on your dependability and hard work.  We are here to make that happen because the American Professional Mariners Association – the APMA – is not about us, it is about you.

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