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APMA Corporate Sponsor Program

APMA Corporate Sponsor Program

APMA is excited to launch its Corporate Sponsor Program! We know that organizations seek opportunities to support an industry, promote their brand, pay it forward or just do the right thing. With this in mind we created the APMA Corporate Sponsor program and identified critical initiatives that can benefit from monetary support. 

As a new national non-profit organization, APMA supports all mariners, waterfront workers, maritime industry professionals and their employers. The APMA links mariners and their families to resources that address mariners’ unique economic, technical, and strategic challenges. The APMA is not a union or collective bargaining group. It is a group of professionals dedicated to supporting the maritime community that enables members and their families to reach their greatest potential.

To succeed in this important work, we invite corporations and associations to become APMA Corporate Sponsors that help fund any one, or a combination, of the following APMA programs: 

  1. Military and Student Recruiting: Support this patriotic program that welcomes Veterans to the mariner ranks and guides Students into the industry. We are always on the lookout for more groups to join the ranks. 
  2. APMA Learning Center: Training is Issue # 1. The APMA Learning Center is the largest nationwide listing of in-person and online training programs. Help develop the reach and breadth of these listings so that mariners can enhance their expertise.
  3. Mentor Program: Launch a robust program that matches a virtual ‘armchair sailor’ who has decades of experience with a less-seasoned mariner. 
  4. Task Forces: Solve challenges that face the industry today and into the future - Cyber Security, Medical Evaluations, Environmental Issues, and a Military Sealift & National Emergency Response System.
  5. Retirement Education: Help the APMA further develop its partnership with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) that provides workers with unbiased retirement education material and tools.  

Any one of these opportunities may match your corporate goals. To learn more about them and other programs, please contact Miriah Baker at

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